Burnt Mill Academy Trust

Sir Frederick Gibberd College

Executive Principal of West Essex Hub - Mr A Osborne
Head Of School - Mrs D Conlon

Contact Details -
SFG College, c/o Burnt Mill Academy Trust, First Avenue, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2NR
01279 307244

Academy Website - www.bmatsfg.org.uk

About the Academy – Our brand new 11-19 school that will have Academic Excellence at its heart whilst nurturing the ambitions, dreams and passions of its pupils so that they can become the thinkers, educators and leaders of the next generation.


Academic Excellence will be at the heart of everything we do.

Our sole purpose will be to develop the intelligence and the skills of all pupils in a safe environment to create highly motivated, lifelong learners.

We will nurture the ambitions, dreams and passions of our pupils so that they can become the thinkers, educators and leaders of the next generation.

Our pupils will become the adults who make a positive contribution to society. As principled global citizens, they will challenge intolerance, injustice and inequality.

We will offer a challenging curriculum focusing on the EBACC subjects to prepare our pupils for the leading universities.

There will be opportunities for all pupils to experience success in a variety of ways.

We will not compromise on outstanding teaching, impeccable pupil conduct and high expectations.

Our ethos “hard work, no excuses” will ensure all our pupils achieve Academic Excellence.


We will offer a broad and inclusive curriculum with a wide range of cultural, social and sporting activities. Our curriculum will motivate and engage students, challenging them to achieve their very best.

Two year Key Stage 3 and three year Key Stage 4  programmes of study will ensure our pupils develop personally and excel academically. Pupils will complete GCSE examinations at the end of Year 9, 10 and 11 to alleviate the exam pressure associated with Year 11.

Our extended school day will offer exciting activities as well as extension classes, catch up lessons and prep time where pupils will complete homework. Saturday and Holiday School will ensure we can guide our pupils in their independent learning and embed good work habits in them from an early age.

Pastoral care and support systems at SFG will enable all of our pupils to overcome barriers to learning and be successful. We will monitor and track pupil progress efficiently and target support effectively.

We are very passionate about reading at SFG. Pupils of all ages will be expected to read widely and diversely to broaden their horizons.

SFG will not just be a school where young people receive a world class education, but a legacy that will last generations.

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